Digital Textures


       DTX is available on a variety of standard backings including plain paper, paper with adhesive backing, PVC vinyl and our popular wrapping material.  Our wrapping material is used mainly, as the name implies, as designers want to see a model or any real-world item covered with the texture of their choice. The self-adhesive film can be applied to most substrates as it wraps elegantly around those items with ease. If DTX is required on a specific backing that we do not offer, the material can be tested to determine if DTX will adhere to it.  Fabric, sheet metal, canvas, wood, foam board and corrugated plastic are just a few of the non-standard materials that can be used as backings.


DTX is not intended for use in production products, but to evaluate a texture finish. Digital Textures allows for quick creations that can later be used in chemical engraving, very closely, the look and feel of the original idea.